Accredited Daycare in Morinville
for 20 Years

Enchanted Forest Daycare & OSC offers a caring, nurturing environment for children aged newborn to twelve years of age. Our caregivers are devoted to providing a home-away-from-home where your child’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and intellectual needs can be met.

family owned and operated daycare in Morinville for newborns and children up to age 12

Family-Owned & Operated Daycare Serving

All the caregivers at An Enchanted Forest Daycare & OSC are committed to meeting or exceeding the Alberta Government’s requirements for the health, safety, quality of care, and supervision of children. But then again, the caregivers at An Enchanted Forest Daycare would go above and beyond the minimum standards even if they didn’t exist.


Our open-door policy encourages parents to attend annual parties, field trips, or share their experiences with the center.

daycare fields trip to local places near Morinville

Daycare Field Trips

At An Enchanted Forest Daycare, part of our mission is to create a nurturing environment so that your child will be successful outside of our daycare, at school, at play, and later in life. There’s a big, wide, wonderful world out there, and so much to explore. That’s why we organize safe and fun field trips to places like zoos and parks, introducing your child to nature and all the great joys that await them in life.

kids having a nutritional meal at lunch time

We Care About Nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential for all people to feel and perform at their best. A healthy, balanced diet also helps us fight viruses and illness. That holds even more true for growing bodies and minds, and that’s why the caregivers at An Enchanted Forest Daycare & OSC ensure that every child in their care eats and drinks safely. In addition to following the Canada Food Guide to ensure a healthy diet, we are mindful of all allergies and special needs your child may have.

enchanted forest is a safe and child proof daycare

We Are a Safe & Child-proofed Daycare

When it comes to little ones, safety is an even bigger issue than it is for adults. At An Enchanted Forest Daycare & OSC, it all begins with cleanliness and preventing accidents before they happen. We use safe, green cleansers and antibacterial products whenever possible and take every reasonable precaution to remove hazards and prevent accidents. Some of the safety precautions we take as a daycare include:

  • Ensuring window blind pull strings are out of reach or fastened safely
  • Moving cribs out of reach of blinds or windows
  • Inserting covers on every electrical outlet
  • Toys are clean and in good condition
  • Blocking stairs with baby gates
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An accredited early learning center serving St. Albert and area for 18 years!

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